We offer the Art of Turkish Prayer Beads- Neziroğlu Collection albums to your liking in sets.
This is a collection which has been meticulously brought together over the years, which is described
as one of the most valuable collections of the world by experts, and one which is comprised
of thousands of prayer beads chosen among famous Turkish prayer bead artists’ most precious works.

The first three-volume set consisting of hundreds of prayer beads and enriched through
writings of researcher writer Necdet Sakaoğlu and writer Deniz Gürsoy and interviews of poet,
journalist Refik Durbaş, will be one of the most valuable pieces of your library.
Features: 28x39 cm, Turkish-English, three volumes 840 pages in total,
5 color print with Garda Kiara 150 gr. paper, clothbound, with jacket,
with a special box.

ISBN 978-605-88231-0-5

Together with the first set Deniz Gürsoy's,
"Prayer Bead – Peace on my Fingertips"
from Oğlak publishing will be sent to you; art lovers, as a present.